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Zulu Baskets


Ilala Weavers Handwoven Zulu Wedding Basket

Our South African Zulu Ukhamba Baskets are often given as treasured wedding presents!  

Feel the mystery and essence of Africa with these superb Zulu baskets, each one unique and lovingly hand stitched and woven.

In this age of modern technology and mass production, it is a joy to see and feel the dignified elegance and beauty of a rich Zulu heritage that has become a collectible art-form, preserving an age-old tradition proudly safeguarded and handed down through the generations.

Every basket is made by hand, using indigenous raw materials, and the type of basket varies from area to area, depending on the availability of raw materials, and the use to which the basket is to be put.  It can take up to one month to produce a medium-sized basket that will be unique in size, shape, pattern, weave and color and up to six months to produce a large basket.  Stunning works of art, sought after the world over.  A true collector’s item. Heirloom and museum quality.

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$ 450.00

This basket is a one of a kind, you will get the basket pictured. The height is 16 inches and the circumference measures 54 inches. Each basket comes with an information card describing the meaning of the designs. This "Ukhamba" or beer basket is a bulb-shaped basket with a lid traditionally used to store the local brew. They are given...