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Best Fair Trade Gift Shop 2018! - The Village Country Store

Fashion and Lifestyle Award! Best Fair Trade Gift Shop 2018 – Pennsylvania - the USA   

Thank you Lux Life Magazine!

The Village Country Store - the USA

Best Fair Trade Gift Shop 2018 – Pennsylvania - the USA


Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear All About It! 

Thanks so much to the folks of Lux Life Magazine Reviews and to all our customers, artisans and producers without whom we never could have received this amazing review and recognition! (gee, we're blushing, this is a short lived happy moment, we have lots of work yet to do! Thanks to all who make fair trade a way of life, you truly make a difference)! ...

Everything we do and every product we sell has a purpose beyond its primary function (as well as making our customers look great and feel good). We’re 100% committed to fair trade,  sustainability and economic development in developing countries. 

Thanks so much for joining the fair trade movement and to all our customers for being a force for good! - Okay, our basking in the sunlight is over ... and it's back to work we go!

Thank you again to all our customers for making this a fun recognition and for making dreams come true. ♥♥ You are all hero's to me. Quiet heroes, unsung heroes making a difference in the lives of so many!! Thank you!

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