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Fashion is not for sissies - M. Kors

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 Your the diva in your own style,        and nobody tells you how to            spend  your money or how to dress.

 You  don't need to be part of the    social  fashion norm, where  corporations  are spitting out 'must  haves' and 'to  die for' trend setting  brain warping  speed of light mega  producers of...

 ....shhhh... i dare not  say the 'brand  names' .... shhhhh.

 You are a new breed of woman. The  conscious one, the gutsy one, the  daredevil may care one, the 'New'  and the 'Exciting' one ...

 Yes, yes,  ...when your heels click  across the  floor, we all know it is  you, and you  have something special on your  arm... (no, we don't have to  remember your new boyfriend's  name - he will be replaced in a week  or two anyway) ...

We want to know where in the world did you find that Dazzling Up-cycled, Recycled, One of a Kind, Innovative, Shiny, Luminous, Handbag Purse you are so nonchalantly swinging from your shoulder.  'Oh, that old thing you say' ...That's Fair Trade!   That's the hipster in you, always ahead of the pack, you have always been a leader, follower is not in your vocabulary.

       To Paris with Love, .... our Fair Trade Soda Pull Cocktail Purse Handbags by ImagineArte ♥    

This is our secret, ...shhh, we have them here at the Village Country Store! We wouldn't want everybody to know!

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  • January 29, 2016
  • Michele Adams
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